Seminar on China-Korea Environmental Cooperation Projects Held in Beijing


Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences

Seminar on China-Korea Environmental Cooperation Projects Held in Beijing
2018-11-19 Article type:Translated

On November 16, 2018, Division of Asian, African and Latin American Affairs of the Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) organized a seminar on China-Korea environmental cooperation projects in Beijing, exchanging the progress of projects and discussing the direction and needs of future cooperation on environment between China and Korea. The seminar is also the preparation for the 23rd Meeting of the China-Korea Joint Committee of Environmental Cooperation, the policy dialogue between departments of the two countries, and Meeting of the Advisory Committee of the China-Korea Environmental Cooperation Center.

Li Yonghong, director of the Division of Asian, African and Latin American Affairs, stressed that China and Korea should further establish influential flagship projects upon the existing achievements, focusing on China’s overall interests on politics and diplomacy as well as the major work of MEE, so as to facilitate China’s battle against pollution. As the Center for overall coordination, management and communication of the cooperation projects, the China-Korea Environmental Cooperation Center (China-Korea Center) is supposed to play a better role in bridging and connecting, review achievements and outcomes of the projects, and lay a foundation to further deepen environmental cooperation between the two countries.

In the meeting, representatives from the China-Korea Center introduced the Center, its project list, project development, and management planning for further cooperation. The Chinese executive units introduced and exchanged progress, existing problems, work plans and cooperation needs of their projects.

Nearly 30 representatives from divisions and subordinates of MEE attended the meeting, such as Division of Asian, African and Latin American Affairs, Environmental Development Center, Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning, Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center, Zhejiang Provincial Zhoushan Marine Ecological Environmental Monitoring Station, National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center, and the International Cooperation Center and the China-Korea Center of CRAES.